Love never leaves us alone.



Praise a new beginning!


Ted Gast playing If We Were Friends on piano


"Bringing something fresh and meaningful to the surface for others to see - that's songwriting to me."


Ted Gast playing Puzzle on acoustic guitar


We're all moving forward together.


Ted Gast playing Now That I Know You on bass guitar
Ted Gast Walking Without Earth Weights album cover

Walking Without Earth Weights. The latest.

Positive, thought-provoking, spiritually-based lyrics | Alluring vocal harmonies | Melodic piano | Prominent, round-wound bass guitar | Upbeat pop grooves and fills Written and produced by Ted Gast | Backing vocals on Lost My Enemy performed by Teri Howard | Backing vocals on He Was Everything performed by Kimberley Zur | Puzzle lyrics inspired by Perfect Placement, a poem by Marjorie Trumbull Gast | Recorded and mixed by Ted Gast at DCI Studios, Caledonia, Wisconsin | Mastered by Justin Perkins, Mystery Room Mastering, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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Ted Gast Prism album cover

Prism. The first step.

Intelligent lyrics combined with Ted's unique blend of provocative chord progressions and big vocal harmonies, counterbalanced with melodic piano, punchy bass guitar, and syncopated passages and breaks Written and produced by Ted Gast | Backing vocals on Angel and Walk In Love performed by Jenny Sandoval | Recorded and mixed by Ted Gast at DCI Studios, Caledonia, Wisconsin | Mastered by Gary Tanin, Daystorm Music, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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A passion for music. I was hooked.

Ted's passion for music was evident at an early age. As a child, he enjoyed singing with the car radio or with his dad and little brother before bedtime. He was often asked to perform at school events, Sunday School, and concerts and enjoyed playing piano and drums along with popular rock and pop tunes of the day. At age twelve, Ted found a way to record musical ideas by creating a makeshift recording studio. "I remember recording my first multi-track masterpiece - bouncing tracks between two old tape recorders in a bedroom closet. It was so cool to be able to harmonize with myself and get my ideas onto tape and share what I was hearing with others. I was hooked."

Ted Gast Mason Hamlin piano strings

Early influences. Bass up-front.

Ted became interested in bass guitar in high school after hearing a friend playing tunes from Rush. "The trio's time-signature changes and patterns where compelling beyond the typical rock music that was popular at the time. And whoever was playing that bass guitar just blew me away. I had to try it for myself." Ted purchased a used Rickenbacker 4001 bass and learned to play many Rush favorites. "You'll hear Geddy Lee's influence in my music today - not in the music's genre or complexity, but rather the prominent role the bass has in the song's melodic structure." Bass work from Yes's Chris Squire also influenced Ted. "I love the crunchy sound of a Rick with roundwound strings. It's different from the norm, and I let it come through loud and clear in my newer material."

Ted Gast - Rickenbacker 4001 bass guitar in case

Writing, recording, mastering. Learning for life.

To record his latest albums, Ted designed and built a home recording studio and digital audio workstation. He does his own recording, engineering, and mixing. "When I listen to the songs I produced just a few years ago, I celebrate how much I've learned since then. Engineering, mixing, and mastering - they're all creative processes requiring a ton of patience and practice." Most of Ted's first album was written at the piano, but many newer tunes were developed on acoustic guitar. "You'll hear more acoustic in my newer material. Learning to play a six string gave me freedom to write songs on the back porch - and it gave me a bit more percussive creativity too."

Ted Gast acoustic guitar on chair on tile floor

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